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got the oak flooring down in the barn and had a tidy up….. a relief as I’ve had the flooring for over five years…… one side is more or less finished but I’m gong to have to order some more wood to finish off the job…… I’m going to need about 6m2 to finish off the one room but about another 30m2 to finish all the barn which is going to be expensive so ill see what the score is when I visit the wood yard hopefully in the week…… it does however give me some space and should allow me to get on with the new kitchen…… ill see …….


  1. Hi,

    Where did you buy oak flooring? I like this site:

    but wanted to know if you have any other to recommend me.

  2. i get my wood from a small family run woodyard in rural france, they can supply oak chestnut cherry and beech

  3. can i have your blog url please

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