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original joist and floor joists-chainsaw.jpgthe floor in this old cottage was very rotten, and although the beams were in general solid the overall floor was not well seated, and was very springy. The customers decided they wanted to replace all the joists so they can put a new floor in at a later date. So during the week mick has set up the new floor and under his guidance i have successfully assisted as we have put in all the new joists, level and ready to accept the new floor……

joists underview joists placed and level joist viewed from above


pour le dernier six mois je travaile seulement avec les macons du boite, mais logicment je va travaille plus avec le charpentre….. donc sa va etre un peu moins galare et sa va me  donne plus d’experience avec les autre chose. semaine prochaine je suis encore avec l’equip de macon’s mais apres sa on va faire un toiture en entire……. bien….mais sa va caille trop si on est le chance on va avoir de glace de vent et tout trop bien……..  


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