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funny old week at work …. we finished off the last job and i forgot to take photos……. tsssk…. but the floor joists are in and solid and the A frames have been raised so thats us finished there. Then we went on and fitted stairs in another house and advanced that unfortunately the flooring is going to be delayed so we’ve got a bit of a block on that we then went and spent a couple of days jointing…. this was meant to be finished at the end of november but we are so busy, we can only put a day or two per week at this job. anyway here are a couple of photos of progress so far…. this is very time consuming as all the joints need to be cut out and the stone cut back before the joints can be done so the photos show several weeks work …… the lighter colour on the gable end will probably need to be redone as there was a bit of a cock up with the mix and it has dryed much lighter than the rest

stone work freshly jointed


donc quelque photos qui represent plusier semains de boulot. il faut tous les pierre est prepare avant…..  ons a cisele chaque pierre et enleve tous les ancien joint,  avant ons refaire le nouveaau joint le mur est bien nettoye. je trouve sa donne tres bien mais je prefer si je peu fait les memes heures sur le murs chez moi jai hate pour un vacance


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