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had a fish and champagne supper, strange i was never a fan of smoked or raw fish untill living in brest, since then ive been a fan so a smoked fish supper went down a treat fish supper 

and our friends the cats were at the table on time fish and cats 

a lovely meal especially with the cat farting away like a drunken scouse with ten pints and a kebab down his neck charming.

As ive introduced the cats i thought ide put up some more photos of the farting friends:- 

a ball of cats daddy spud and company spud ,fatboy, little grey cat and zorro line of cats 

so charming when thet’re not shitting and pissing everywhere and breaking my favourite mugs but ive sort of forgiven them for that cos ive got a new one:- hellraising


depuis je suis a brest je devenir un gross fan de poisson cru et les chats sont daccord avec moi mais sa ma darrange un peu quand ons est au table avec un chat qui peter cest degutant mais pas charmant


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