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after working all week, saturdays become precious, and i find myself caught between wanting to relax, and wantimg to get as much done as possible, over the two days of the week, that i can call my own. Work on my own house is frustatingly slow….. but during the week i learn new skills every day, which is putting me in the position of being able to do the jobs i need to do at home, properly. If only i had more time, still i shall try and get some wiring done this weekend, as its too cold to be working outside. No doubt i wont get as much done as i want…… but thats life for ya


cest pas mal pour deux journey de boulot, j’apprend plein nouveau trucs, cest domage j’ai pas le temp pour utilise mon nouveau competances chez moi ……mais petit a tres petit j’avance pendant mes weekends precious…… mais bon je commence a mettre les chose en place pour refaire le toiture chez moi mais il faut jai deux trois semain libre et quelques mains en plus pour m’aidez……….. jai hate pour mes vacance…….

well we got a fair bit done over two days and im getting ready to attempt this same job at my own house

not bad for two days work


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