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went to the uk for a few days what a strange place its been nearly eighteen months since i was ther last and i was glad to get back to france… im getting old but it seems like people in england get older much quicker….. and obese im sure pubs and take aways is taking its toll on english people who seem very fat young and old…… was good to see some of my old friends and family but i found it boring and im glad i dont live there…… ive got some stuff to put up on here but it will have to wait untill i gather my thoughts……had a bit of tattooing done which was good and made me want more tattoos…..had my car booked in to have some work done on it but the mechanic has broken a finger so ill have to be patient and wait which isnt going to be easy…… ill have to do a car obsessed post in the future as ive not ranted about cars on here not advanced at home as ive been away so im looking forward to getting back to my own projects hopefully sort out some emails and photos in the near future ….. L8r’s

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