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last weekend i became roofless they fucked up the delivery so we had to go and collect the material to redo my roof in the works van i reckon we had the most  dangerous  van in france … far to overloaded still it was an expedition worthy of our intrepid adventures


le galere tu voir ons est trop charge mais apres le stress on est a histoire a racontre

Jerome fait trop bien il rest calm toujours pendant le stress meme si il regard comme un mujahadine…. ons trouve un chat plat sur le toit  disparu a mourir dpeuis quelques annes apres etait eccrasser par un voiture le pauve


we found one of our disappeared cats from a few years back jerome did me proud all weekend and we got the whole roof stripped off the walls cemented up and the underfelt put on… the weather was really hot and we got burnt but a good job well done




Javance un peu depuis les dernier photos mais cest difficile a trouve le temp a faire et il flot tous les jours depuis il faut je suis sur toit maintenant mais jai le flem cest dimanche et je boss demain

ive got a bit further since these last photos but the weather has been crap and ive been working so its not that easy to find the time to continue  but ive a good start and the rest can be done over the next few weeks when i get the time i should be on it now but its sunday and im a lazy tossa

maybe ill go and do a bit more……. L8r’s


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