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weve done a bit this weekend so heres a photo of the inside of the velux with the first level of insulation …… once this is all finished i shall put another layer of insulation probably rockwool before putting up the plasterboard walls

aswell as that ive started preparing the stonework … you can see from the before and after shots the old mortar needs to be chopped out and then the stone needs to be cut in order to give enough of a key for the jointing compound to stick so this is a slow physical job done with a club hammer and chisel …. but ive done countless hours of this at work so its almost nice to do the job for myself for once……


quelque photos de travails ons fait ce weekend voila le velux et le premier couche d’isolation mince aapres sa je pense je va faire un dexieme couche d’isolation probable avec¬†laine de verre…. je fait le preparition de pierre aussi …. cest un boulot dur avec un macette et un ciseau …. il faut enleve tous les anciens joints et apres cisle le pierre pour le nouveau joints accroche bien….. je fait trop de cette boulot au travail donc cest presque un plaisir a faire le meme boulot pour moi….. mais regarde avant je peux install un insert il faut je fait le reparitions de la mur de chimney ….psssk encore du boulot

as you can see the chimney brest is in need of repair before i can consider putting in a wood burner so this will have to be next on a very long list

apart from that i think i shall be putting up some more videos now that i’ve worked out how it all works so that should be amusing


je pense je va amuse a mettre des videos maintenant je comprendre comments sa marche sa va etre marrant


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