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first day back in the gym for a very long time ….. gave up smoking again about three weeks ago…. the first week was horrible luckily i was completely on my own as nicotine cold turkey certainly tests the nerves anyway three weeks down the line im starting to level out and definately feeling a lot better….. sleeping better and much more energy….so ithought it was about time to get back into the gym …. a slow start but ive still got a couple of weeks holiday to try and get back into a routine before i go back to work….. the nicotine craving creeps up from time to time but i seem to be getting more determined as the days go by so thats good….


apres trois semaine sans clop je fais mon premier journey dans le gymnas aujoudhui et sa ma fais mal mais je suis tres motive a recommence un regime strict de musculation et courir il faut je faire attention avec qu-est que je mange aussi mais je me sentir bien jai le peche donc si je peu faire plusiers journey par semaine pendant le vacance logicment sa va etre plus facile a continue quand je repris le boulot

my colleague from work came today and we put a new earth in on the electric board so that was hard work aswell as we had to dig a fifteen metre trench for the earth cable and put in extra earth stakes it needs to be connected to the water meter but after that i’ll have agood solid earth system up to regulation standards so another good job done during the holiday


mon colleague du boulot etait chez moi aujourdhui et on avez refait le prise de terre avec le nouveau picket de terre et un tronche avec le cable de terre ….maintenant je suis naz … avec le gym et un tronche de quinze metre fait a la pioche ver le cayou je me transpire tous le journey …. je pense tranquil ce soir et je va attaque le parquet demain


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