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i had the pleasure of looking after a goat for a week during the holiday …. it seemed a pleasant creature and was happy to eat the grass…….


 anyway at the same time my friend beckie was here so we got some photos of the occasion. As you can see the happy couple were quite content here …. it was real good to spend some time with my friend … unfortunately the holiday was all too short and tomorrow back to work so ill have to just look at photos to remind myself of the nice time  oh well lifes hard……..

needless to say when one has a goat on the premises one has to indulge in the little pleasures that are so rare these days…..


je trouve elle est trop mignon le chevre …. malhereusement elle reste chez moi que un semain mais cetait bon quand meme ….


mon ami beckie est ici aussi elle venu le dernier temp quand je suis au magazine a brest et javez fait un piercing pour elle…. cest trop chiant le vacance passe trop vite … demain je reprendre le boulot et jai pas fait un seul boulot ici jai prevu au debut de vacance…. je  fait plein autre trucs mais…..tant pis


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