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not getting much done at home cos im working all day

our big pile of shit is getting bigger by the day


and this is after ive tidied up


shepherds warning


  its  alot better than the last set of photos from this job



apart from work its two months since i stopped smoking again ….. it has its ups and downs but feel better and got more energy ive been going to the gym two or three times a week and ide like to increase that to four or five days maybe i should stop working so i can concentrate on my own projects…. if anyone wants to give me large amounts of money so that i can stay at home work on the house go to the gym and spend time cooking and taking care of myself then  feel free all donations gratefully received….. if not ill just have to try and find the time to do too many things


en gros trop boulout pas assez des heure pour travaille ici fait mon sport et mon regime je suis naz le boulot me fait chie et il faut je fait plus d’attention questque je buffe …. jai le result de mon prise de sang et trop cholesterol et trop sucre je va avaoir un rendezvous avec un nutrinalist pour discute un regime plus equilibre mois viande,restaurante,bon bon,biscuite,chips etc plus de fibre, fruit, viande blanc, poisson …………tsskboulot demqain jai hate…….


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