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i wanted to rant about the global credit crisis.
so the world is just waking up to the problems
of ficticious money.

global economies in uproar and people are still
poor and hungry

where a man in a suit is crying
because his wealth of lies has collapsed

so to help the economy the goverments will help
by giving money to the banks but its not even
real money they are borrowing more debt to pay

we want to buy your oil you can buy these guns
ive got a bargain basement of landmines and
rocket launchers but that food he needs isnt important
besides we are too busy perpetuating the war on
lies and corruption whilst pretending its something else

securities bonds shares insurances mortgages are
are all worthless to a country with poor people
that have been encouraged to borrow ridiculous
amounts of money to live a life they have not

house prices are dropping
a house is worth nothing if you cant afford to
live in it
in fact it becomes a prison of cirumstance
work to pay debt to be able to stay in the
same place so you can work to pay next months

while a suit makes money selling risk, assumption,
probability, maybe, if’s, incase, hopefully and lets hope
nobody notices it doesnt actually exist

have ya got 10p for a cup of tea guvnor


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