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well i wasnt here but i can tell the story all the same as i have been working here since….. the lads stopped for a coffee break and watched the wall collapse…..

five minutes before they were both working at the foot of the wall. It took seconds to fall and collapsed completely bringing down tons of stone had they not been drinking coffee they would not have survived.



on est un mur qui couche au boulot heuresment je sui pas la mais les gars travaillaient au pied de mur cinq minute avant il prendre un cafe avec le proprietaire et elle tombe en seconds  cest chaud des tonnes de cayou si il est toujours la ils sont mort maintenant.

donc il faut ons trie le pierre trop cool meme les gars en prison travail pas copmme sa jai l’impression cest 1865 et je fait le routes qui traverse etas uni peut etre cetait un vie passe…

ons n’avez pas un brouette non plus……

So we get to sort rocks for two days without a wheel barrow

But hang on modern technology strikes again


but there really isnt much left of this lovely french house






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