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chaty-windowschaty-mist As i dont get much time at home i have to amuse myself. thought this was a nice image as we got to work the other morning……. anyway after appreciating the scenery its back to work …… not the windows i would have chosen personally but we fitted the windows and doors we were told to fit….


dommage je pense sa peux etre beaucoup meilleur si on choisir les fenettres nous meme mais je suis pas le patron ni le client


J’apprende des astuce toujours au boulot heuresment parce-que je commence a perdre mon patience un peu quand je suis jamais chez moi

Still learning little tricks of the trade at work ….. ive done a lot of work at this house….. been involved in digging it all out, concreting the floor,stonework on the facade, fitting the windows and doors, aswell as  the roof and floor which i was heavily involved with


Je fait beacoup chose pour cette maison…..toiture, masonary,menuisiere je faits des heures ici et je peux dire je fait un bon percentage des travaux ici moi meme dommage cest pas moi le client donne du l’argent

chaty-parquet-finishedish mais maintenant ils sont assez confort

they’ve got a lot more of a house than when we started tho

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