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weve got no water pipes in the barn have frozen luckily my neighbour is better prepared for the winter but we have got…..

supra-steakglow2 Franglais

je goute le meiller steak dans ma vie… le resto est gratos pour mes amis …ammene un vache.

peut-etre un cochon d’inde, ou deux, si t’arrive en mini, mais n’import.


another happy catustomer at resto au rags



Jacket potatoes and Sweet jacket potatoes cooked in oak embers, marinated the steak with garlic,mustard,worcestire sauce,tomatoe sauce, hp brown sauce,and soy sauce then again cooked on the oak embers for a few minutes, served with garlic butter, fried mushrooms, tomato and onion mixed with walnnut vinegar and a touch of red wine vinegar


pomme de terre et pomme de terre doux cuites dans la braise de chene, le viande marinae dans ma sauce magique epuis cuites quelque minutes

servir avec du beurre du persil et ail et du champignons et tomate onion avec un vinagrette de noix et vin rouge


litle bastard has started pissing everywhere in the last week he only pissed on the loaf of bread i was making my toast with ……off with his bollocks………… since spud was done I”m a converted man


hes not daft tho he likes our new chimney


lui mignon mais non il commence a piss par tout aujoudhui je entrain a faire mon tartine et le petit con avez pisses sur mon pain jai un rendezvous et tout javez dit quinze mille fois coupe les couilles ………squealer-linge5

dscf3669dscf3668 spud an squealer




so much to tell….. ive been ignoring my blog but heres the news in pics an words

first off ive been made redundant the company i was working for went  bust a victim of credit so for the last month ive been at home not working on somebody elses house…. to be honest this has given me time to do what i want to do which is stay at home and potter around getting some of my house projects done over the next year but its early days in theory i am eligeable for unemployment benefit in france which opens doors for retraining etc so ill see where it leads over the coming months for the present i am happy to be at home …..


Quoi neuf l’enterprise sont ferme a cause de debt donc je suis en liscenciment economic….. chez moi depuis un mois jattende le fin janvier pour mes derniers l’argent d’enterprise mais je suis prix a ASSEDIC depuis le dix huit decembre donc jai un chomage de 57% de mon salaire brute pendant 23 mois le premiers huit mois en contrat CRP qui ma bien donne les doigts de formation ….je va reflechir un peu mais je veux bien fait quelquechose je sais pas trop quoi on va parele de sa…. mais pour moi cest bonne je peux reste chez moi et bidouille 🙂

Mais des mauvaise nouvelles aussi jai perdue petite gris chat le soir avant ons fais les callins et je dit a elle je suis contente elle survivre mais le lendermain elle rentre pas et je trouve le matin…..baignole camion tractor connard donc je pris des photos de elle depuis mon dernier mis a jour


catss1bien dormir ma belle

spud deviner bien mastock et squealer est rigolo


Bad news too i had another cat death poor little grey cat got hit by a twat behind the wheel nuff said or should i promote execution for cat killers

fire-lit-door-up One thing about having time has meant ive been able to spend some time every day on the things that are important like keeping warm because up till last week it has been very cold here without this but please look at to get an idea of the amount of hours have been put into this project


je va essaye a ne parle pas trop par rapport un vie de un conducteur pour un vie d’un chat mais…… depuis j’ai perdue mon boulot je fait beacoup des heures pour je peux mettre cette photo et avant semain dernier cetait trop froid ici toujours si je travail toujours aussi mais elle chauf bien il faut je mettre les tuyeau d’air chaud mais les prochains quelques jours sera fait…..j’ignore ma blog et je fait le grand hermit pour je peux mettre cette photo……..


mon  nouveau t shirt …..julie avez fait un sweat avec le meme enterprise jespere elle prendre un photo cest trop schwet….. mais regard …..

you should have seen me inside the chimney cementing great fun there is nothing better than working on the house knowing its beeing done well i learnt so much with the company i worked for it has put so much in place and now ive got a good idea of the proper way to go about renovating a house

nice new t shirt thanx shannon


J’apprendre plein bon chose pendant le dernier vingt mois maintenant j’envie a prendre mas temp a renove ici mais avec des bonnes astuces

julie-sur-ordiVoila julie entrein de faire les design pour le sweat

Julie designing a sweatshirt image


spud-in-the-drawerspud-in-the-drawer2and Spud



spud-on-the-chimney Spud is the best cat in the world



squealer-tomface3me-and-squealermais lui il pense que sa vent quelle gwampf

and heres Squealer what a funny little fella he is …..we get on well as i hand reared him and now we are at home together all the time….

burgers for xmas dinner


finally got round to dooing some work on my chimney as its getting cold you can see the progression on

 and for the sake of it ……spud-and-tigree


cant remember whats in this one but the cat didnt like it much but the shake i made today was wonderfull……

juice of 2 oranges, 2 egg whites, 1 banana, 2 large spoons of honey, 2 teaspoons of pickled ginger, 1 lemon yoghurt….wwwwwwwhhhhhhhhhhhrrrrrrrr

I dont know whether im imagining it or not but i seem to remember from my childhood with every program of “starsky and hutch” there was a scene with our intrepid hereos sampling a strange concocotion that was meant to bring everlasting good health …….. so one of my recent obsessions is my food mixer


juice of 3 oranges, 2 kiwi’s, 1 banana, peach yoghurt, 3 egg whites, a large spoon of blackcurrent jam and a splash of milk…………….wwwwwwwwwwwhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr and voila a fruity milky thingy loads of vitamins and proteins

and the cats get the egg yolks in fact squealer has also joined my keep fit regime and is a a keen fan of the exercise bike


ma recette de shakes je pense tu va comprendre meme le chat commence le regime de sante il commence doucement avec le velo mais il va venir le gym avec moi semain prochain….. putain jarrive le bar ce soir et un damme arrive et elle parle avec sa pote “… m’entrain pour le marathon a Saint Brice blah deblah 42 km a courir je suis pret a partir chez moi toute suite sa ma creve a fait 2 km putain il faut je entrain pas mal alor …………….

so after all our cats we are down to just three “little grey cat” whose getting fat. “Squealer” whose growing up since his hand feeding days and spud who has only just come in so i didnt get a photo


quelque photos des chats

Spud went out into the jungle and caught a rabbit yum yum but he was sure it had a head and four legs before he started eating it


spud commence etre unbon chasseur il attrappe deux lapin en deux jour et ils sons gros le machon mais il etait un peu perdu apre il mange le moitie il comprendre pas pourquoi sa bouge plus


 ….. et le petit “squealer” commence a grandir il est assez marrant ….

something to eat…….then a little snooze

quelque chose a manger …. un siest et un bon caca…..

 le vie de un chaton………….

                                …..and jolly big poo

il sont mignon mes chats…

the two remaining cats got vacinated yesterday against the illness that killed fatty……. oh great little grey cat has just brought her second mouse in for the day and has just finished eating it next to me as i write this….squealer the kitten is geting bigger and continues to squeal…..and spud still hasnt got any bollox but seems to have chilled out a bit and doesnt seem as interested in going out.


le deux chats sont vacinee maintenant…. le petit chaton continue a  grossier et pine…. et petit gris chat mange son deuxieme souri de la journey a cote de moi …..

au debut je suis un peu decu avec le vitrificator du parquet mais je pense sera bon apres le troisieme couche….. et je suis mal partout apres le gym hier mais je va faire demain quand meme

an i ache like a bastard after beeing in the gym yesterday but ill be back there tomorrow morning

buried fatty the cat….. jenterre le chat, lui, il est bon, domage