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Category Archives: ginsing

hadnt been to the gym for a week went tonight quite good session think i will ache tomorrow so good cant get rid of fat belly tho not that its that fat but feeling good eating well hardly any fat foods or crap so thats good could still eat more fruit.

10 days of ginsing has kicked in ….. good energy levels, easy to get up in the mornings,and probably an improvement in humour.

still get the occaisional twinge for a fag but not often starting to really appreciate the difference since stopping nearly 3 months ago feels good to be back into going to the gym on a regular basis and feeling muscles working hard ….. got to work on the running tho….. i used to be able to run between 3 and 5km every couple of days easily but finding it hard to build the distance up again have done a 2500 metre¬†run but back pain is keeping the distance down ill see how i get on at the weekend but would like to get past the 3000 metre mark. definately increasing¬†weight and reps and feel asif im able to concentrate on working particular muscles each session and not trying to do too much of evrything so in some ways training does seem slightly better focussed than before. ill see if i can continue …..

lets hope i dont have to wait too much longer to get paid…rrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr anyway laters