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thats good ….. managed a 3000 metre run this morning with very little back pain so im convinced running in the evening is much more difficult after a days work. I shall try and concentrate on distance and stamina only during morning sessions which means weekends only apart from holiday times. Came home and did a starsky shake

 juice from 3 oranges, a handfull of grapes, a banana, 2 egg whites, juice from half a lime, large spoon of honey, and some marinated ginger…..



I dont know whether im imagining it or not but i seem to remember from my childhood with every program of “starsky and hutch” there was a scene with our intrepid hereos sampling a strange concocotion that was meant to bring everlasting good health …….. so one of my recent obsessions is my food mixer


juice of 3 oranges, 2 kiwi’s, 1 banana, peach yoghurt, 3 egg whites, a large spoon of blackcurrent jam and a splash of milk…………….wwwwwwwwwwwhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr and voila a fruity milky thingy loads of vitamins and proteins

and the cats get the egg yolks in fact squealer has also joined my keep fit regime and is a a keen fan of the exercise bike


ma recette de shakes je pense tu va comprendre meme le chat commence le regime de sante il commence doucement avec le velo mais il va venir le gym avec moi semain prochain….. putain jarrive le bar ce soir et un damme arrive et elle parle avec sa pote “… m’entrain pour le marathon a Saint Brice blah deblah 42 km a courir je suis pret a partir chez moi toute suite sa ma creve a fait 2 km putain il faut je entrain pas mal alor …………….

so after all our cats we are down to just three “little grey cat” whose getting fat. “Squealer” whose growing up since his hand feeding days and spud who has only just come in so i didnt get a photo


quelque photos des chats

hadnt been to the gym for a week went tonight quite good session think i will ache tomorrow so good cant get rid of fat belly tho not that its that fat but feeling good eating well hardly any fat foods or crap so thats good could still eat more fruit.

10 days of ginsing has kicked in ….. good energy levels, easy to get up in the mornings,and probably an improvement in humour.

still get the occaisional twinge for a fag but not often starting to really appreciate the difference since stopping nearly 3 months ago feels good to be back into going to the gym on a regular basis and feeling muscles working hard ….. got to work on the running tho….. i used to be able to run between 3 and 5km every couple of days easily but finding it hard to build the distance up again have done a 2500 metre run but back pain is keeping the distance down ill see how i get on at the weekend but would like to get past the 3000 metre mark. definately increasing weight and reps and feel asif im able to concentrate on working particular muscles each session and not trying to do too much of evrything so in some ways training does seem slightly better focussed than before. ill see if i can continue …..

lets hope i dont have to wait too much longer to get paid…rrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr anyway laters

definately starting to put on muscle mass from going to the gym and eating lots have quite considerably changed diet recently to a low cholesterol low sugar diet trying to eat more fruit and protein and carbs reducing butter cheese red meat and fat still got a fat belly though and probably a higher percentage of body fat than i would like but ….. training quite hard but its evenings and then eating before bed think it would be better to train in the morning and not eat a main meal in the evening unfortunately having to work for a living preventsme beeing able to take on this routine so i shall have to try and find a way to burn more fat without loosing mass but stamina and strength is definately improved after sixweeks in the gym…. running has improved although not dooing enough and posture is causing back pain however morning running at the weekends is much better with less discomfort and more stamina …..

so progress and getting into it bien….


donc je change beacoup mon regime de alimentaire je evite les chose haut cholesterol beurre viande rouge gras charcuterie fromage creme mayo tous sa je mange plus de fruit legume fibre mais jai toujours un bide mais je gagne les muscle mon endurance et force augment bien depuis je commence dans le gym quand je courir sa ma donne quelque problems de dos mais cest un exercise haut choc et jai un posture un peu mauvais mais quand je courir le weekend debut le journey jai beaucoup mois mal et jai plus d’endurance. je fait les gym le soir dans le semain apres boulot n’est pas le meilleur moment dans le journey pour entrainment.

je pense jenvie a commence un couse de boxe thailandaise a pontorson vendredi soir ….. fin semain fatigue jaime bien a trouve un ami qui envie a faire aussi je va sentir trop bete tous seul ons verra pour sa ….mais jenvie… si tu veux descendre chaque vendredi apparament cest un tres bon club …… quoi autre….

je motive bien au niveau de gym et un vie plus equilibre si je degage le boulot je peux etre tres serious malheuresment il faut je gagne de fric quand meme ……

au niveau de maison s’avance pas trop depuis le vacance j’essaye a faire un peu le weekend mais dans le semain je prendre pas le tete mais on va suffrir quand l’hivier arrive bien mais pour l’instant ca va je commence a jointe le mur derrier pour je peux fini avec l’echafadage derriere comme sa je peu mettre en position pour devant a fini le toiture mais cest lent …. apres un mois de deprime quelques heures le weekend savance pas trop mais si je faitun peu cette weekend je va avance cest plus facile quand tu commence a voir le fin….. sa commence plutot le saison de chauffage et ordi et je recommence a travail sur le construction de site d’internet que javez commence a brest qui ma block trop mais je mettre mon tete dedans je va dit si jarrive dans un meilleur niveau pour l’instant doucement mais avec le forum’s jarrive a comprendre le chose qui ma block mais je tourne le page et je compren que dal rien zero regarde…

wegfwlkehwehulj j900£%*£$&*())(000p-mmjdtkjkekjui8d9oo)))?><<<?>o

savoir dire blahdeblahdeblah ici un image de un gros bite sappelle sarko qui rencontre le pape et le dalai lama putain cette mec vien plus un plus comme bush le maniac…… dangerous

voila mes amis jattend pour tes nouvelles bisous…………..

not getting much done at home cos im working all day

our big pile of shit is getting bigger by the day


and this is after ive tidied up


shepherds warning


  its  alot better than the last set of photos from this job



apart from work its two months since i stopped smoking again ….. it has its ups and downs but feel better and got more energy ive been going to the gym two or three times a week and ide like to increase that to four or five days maybe i should stop working so i can concentrate on my own projects…. if anyone wants to give me large amounts of money so that i can stay at home work on the house go to the gym and spend time cooking and taking care of myself then  feel free all donations gratefully received….. if not ill just have to try and find the time to do too many things


en gros trop boulout pas assez des heure pour travaille ici fait mon sport et mon regime je suis naz le boulot me fait chie et il faut je fait plus d’attention questque je buffe …. jai le result de mon prise de sang et trop cholesterol et trop sucre je va avaoir un rendezvous avec un nutrinalist pour discute un regime plus equilibre mois viande,restaurante,bon bon,biscuite,chips etc plus de fibre, fruit, viande blanc, poisson …………tsskboulot demqain jai hate…….

the two remaining cats got vacinated yesterday against the illness that killed fatty……. oh great little grey cat has just brought her second mouse in for the day and has just finished eating it next to me as i write this….squealer the kitten is geting bigger and continues to squeal…..and spud still hasnt got any bollox but seems to have chilled out a bit and doesnt seem as interested in going out.


le deux chats sont vacinee maintenant…. le petit chaton continue a  grossier et pine…. et petit gris chat mange son deuxieme souri de la journey a cote de moi …..

au debut je suis un peu decu avec le vitrificator du parquet mais je pense sera bon apres le troisieme couche….. et je suis mal partout apres le gym hier mais je va faire demain quand meme

an i ache like a bastard after beeing in the gym yesterday but ill be back there tomorrow morning

first day back in the gym for a very long time ….. gave up smoking again about three weeks ago…. the first week was horrible luckily i was completely on my own as nicotine cold turkey certainly tests the nerves anyway three weeks down the line im starting to level out and definately feeling a lot better….. sleeping better and much more energy….so ithought it was about time to get back into the gym …. a slow start but ive still got a couple of weeks holiday to try and get back into a routine before i go back to work….. the nicotine craving creeps up from time to time but i seem to be getting more determined as the days go by so thats good….


apres trois semaine sans clop je fais mon premier journey dans le gymnas aujoudhui et sa ma fais mal mais je suis tres motive a recommence un regime strict de musculation et courir il faut je faire attention avec qu-est que je mange aussi mais je me sentir bien jai le peche donc si je peu faire plusiers journey par semaine pendant le vacance logicment sa va etre plus facile a continue quand je repris le boulot

my colleague from work came today and we put a new earth in on the electric board so that was hard work aswell as we had to dig a fifteen metre trench for the earth cable and put in extra earth stakes it needs to be connected to the water meter but after that i’ll have agood solid earth system up to regulation standards so another good job done during the holiday


mon colleague du boulot etait chez moi aujourdhui et on avez refait le prise de terre avec le nouveau picket de terre et un tronche avec le cable de terre ….maintenant je suis naz … avec le gym et un tronche de quinze metre fait a la pioche ver le cayou je me transpire tous le journey …. je pense tranquil ce soir et je va attaque le parquet demain