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Category Archives: horrible day

buried fatty the cat….. jenterre le chat, lui, il est bon, domage


what a shit week weve lost two more cats in two days so our family of nine pooey cats has been reduced to four in one week matilda disappeared day before yesterday so we kept the rest in for the day when i got home i let them out and three hours later found little miss zorro with a broken back and had to take her to the vet to have her put down …. gutted tears and another sad animal funeral….. i should have lots of animal friends to see when im dead……


matilda jamais revien et le lendermain je trouve petite miss zorro avec un dos casse ons est oblige a ammnne au vetirinaire pour fait pique le pauve degoute quatre chat perdue dans quatre jours trop triste je va avoir beaucoup amis des animaux a voir quand je meutre sa sentir tres seul ici je manque tous jaime mes petits tigroo, pug, matilda, zorro, timide, shim, fox, et capone, tes les meuillers amis tu ma oublie pas tu ma manque jespere ons revoir …..bisous

fuck sake wevehad three cats disappear in three weeks firstly timid the pregnant granma went and in the last theedays both tigroo and pug ………pissed off


ons perdu trois chat en trois semains on jamais vu le mere enceint depuis on etais a brest et tigroo et pug disparu le dernier trois jours bizarre parceque ni l’un ni l’autre ballade trop loin de chez nous …… je deprime…….

horrible we hit a deer on the way to work and the tossa behind us treated it with no respect dragging it along the road and putting it in his car before it was even dead. we werent driving quick and it ran in front of us. it would have died reasonably quick but it was an unpleasant experience for an animal lover poor thing its fur was so soft rest in peace little fella buddha loves you