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Category Archives: pouring a concrete floor

stephan and loic prepared the ground putting in the water drainage, damp proof membrane, insulation and metal reinforcement……. so i got an easy day we were expecting to barrow the concrete around but the nice man in the cement mixer had a big pipe took about half an hour to pour and cost cheaper than if we had done it ourselves with sand gravel and a cement mixer ……

┬áthe photos make it look easy but there is a week of hard graft behind the actual pouring aswell as a days work for a man with a digging machine on top of the time we put in demolishing the front wall and stacking and arranging all the stone so we are looking at a fair bit of hard work before this day at least now we have a solid base to work from and again its good to learn from an experienced macon how to do a job properly……


les deux macon ont ete bien occupe pour arrive a cette point je fait quelque jours avec eu mais je suis ailleur aussi donc cest pas moi qui tap le travaux dur mais japprendre comment faire aussi ….. mais maintenant tous les services de vidange sont en place et on est pret a re-constuire les mur. je veux bien travail ici un peu sa peu etre assez interesant si je peu suffrir le regime des macons