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weve got no water pipes in the barn have frozen luckily my neighbour is better prepared for the winter but we have got…..

supra-steakglow2 Franglais

je goute le meiller steak dans ma vie… le resto est gratos pour mes amis …ammene un vache.

peut-etre un cochon d’inde, ou deux, si t’arrive en mini, mais n’import.


another happy catustomer at resto au rags



Jacket potatoes and Sweet jacket potatoes cooked in oak embers, marinated the steak with garlic,mustard,worcestire sauce,tomatoe sauce, hp brown sauce,and soy sauce then again cooked on the oak embers for a few minutes, served with garlic butter, fried mushrooms, tomato and onion mixed with walnnut vinegar and a touch of red wine vinegar


pomme de terre et pomme de terre doux cuites dans la braise de chene, le viande marinae dans ma sauce magique epuis cuites quelque minutes

servir avec du beurre du persil et ail et du champignons et tomate onion avec un vinagrette de noix et vin rouge


litle bastard has started pissing everywhere in the last week he only pissed on the loaf of bread i was making my toast with ……off with his bollocks………… since spud was done I”m a converted man


hes not daft tho he likes our new chimney


lui mignon mais non il commence a piss par tout aujoudhui je entrain a faire mon tartine et le petit con avez pisses sur mon pain jai un rendezvous et tout javez dit quinze mille fois coupe les couilles ………squealer-linge5

cant remember whats in this one but the cat didnt like it much but the shake i made today was wonderfull……

juice of 2 oranges, 2 egg whites, 1 banana, 2 large spoons of honey, 2 teaspoons of pickled ginger, 1 lemon yoghurt….wwwwwwwhhhhhhhhhhhrrrrrrrr

thats good ….. managed a 3000 metre run this morning with very little back pain so im convinced running in the evening is much more difficult after a days work. I shall try and concentrate on distance and stamina only during morning sessions which means weekends only apart from holiday times. Came home and did a starsky shake

 juice from 3 oranges, a handfull of grapes, a banana, 2 egg whites, juice from half a lime, large spoon of honey, and some marinated ginger…..


I dont know whether im imagining it or not but i seem to remember from my childhood with every program of “starsky and hutch” there was a scene with our intrepid hereos sampling a strange concocotion that was meant to bring everlasting good health …….. so one of my recent obsessions is my food mixer


juice of 3 oranges, 2 kiwi’s, 1 banana, peach yoghurt, 3 egg whites, a large spoon of blackcurrent jam and a splash of milk…………….wwwwwwwwwwwhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr and voila a fruity milky thingy loads of vitamins and proteins

and the cats get the egg yolks in fact squealer has also joined my keep fit regime and is a a keen fan of the exercise bike


ma recette de shakes je pense tu va comprendre meme le chat commence le regime de sante il commence doucement avec le velo mais il va venir le gym avec moi semain prochain….. putain jarrive le bar ce soir et un damme arrive et elle parle avec sa pote “… m’entrain pour le marathon a Saint Brice blah deblah 42 km a courir je suis pret a partir chez moi toute suite sa ma creve a fait 2 km putain il faut je entrain pas mal alor …………….

so after all our cats we are down to just three “little grey cat” whose getting fat. “Squealer” whose growing up since his hand feeding days and spud who has only just come in so i didnt get a photo


quelque photos des chats