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Category Archives: reincarnation

the other day julie phoned me at work at 10 oclock to tell me that our friend spud the cat had been run over….. tears were beeing shed and i had a shit day…. i came home the evening to more tears and i went to the shed to find a very dead cat…… i steadied myself and proceeded to bury our friend

poor cat

after burying the cat i sat outside to contemplate life death and shit french drivers i was sad…… as i’m sitting there spud comes ambling by looking for his dinner…..hang on ive just buried you???????   julie theres spud very much alive …… so either spud was reincarnated or i just buried another cat that looked like him ….. anyway i didnt dig up the grave to find out just put it down to my guardian angel ……anyway heres a picture of a very alive spud taken after he was buried no doubt he has only got eight lives left

spud reincarnated


Trop complique a re-explique mais spud est vivant apres il etait ecraser par un baignole

mulder and scully explique sa