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luckily for this client our intrepid stonemasons werent killed when it all came tumbling down …..hes not a bad lad our stephan never happier than when hes got a big pile of stones to put back together.

Ils sont content les gars cest comme un jeu de gamin mais plus lourd………….


chaty-windowschaty-mist As i dont get much time at home i have to amuse myself. thought this was a nice image as we got to work the other morning……. anyway after appreciating the scenery its back to work …… not the windows i would have chosen personally but we fitted the windows and doors we were told to fit….


dommage je pense sa peux etre beaucoup meilleur si on choisir les fenettres nous meme mais je suis pas le patron ni le client


J’apprende des astuce toujours au boulot heuresment parce-que je commence a perdre mon patience un peu quand je suis jamais chez moi

Still learning little tricks of the trade at work ….. ive done a lot of work at this house….. been involved in digging it all out, concreting the floor,stonework on the facade, fitting the windows and doors, aswell as  the roof and floor which i was heavily involved with


Je fait beacoup chose pour cette maison…..toiture, masonary,menuisiere je faits des heures ici et je peux dire je fait un bon percentage des travaux ici moi meme dommage cest pas moi le client donne du l’argent

chaty-parquet-finishedish mais maintenant ils sont assez confort

they’ve got a lot more of a house than when we started tho

finally got round to dooing some work on my chimney as its getting cold you can see the progression on

 and for the sake of it ……spud-and-tigree


cant remember whats in this one but the cat didnt like it much but the shake i made today was wonderfull……

juice of 2 oranges, 2 egg whites, 1 banana, 2 large spoons of honey, 2 teaspoons of pickled ginger, 1 lemon yoghurt….wwwwwwwhhhhhhhhhhhrrrrrrrr

ive had my head stuck in dreamweaver for a couple of weeks so ive not been to the gym much …. ive been trying to work out how to make dynamic webpages with php ive advanced well with dreamweaver spent some money on some books because php is a foreign language so ill see if i can carry on with my self teaching


les dernier deux semain je squat sur ordi je essaye apprendre le code php pour fait construire les sites savance bien avec dreamweaver mais php est un autre histoire

well i wasnt here but i can tell the story all the same as i have been working here since….. the lads stopped for a coffee break and watched the wall collapse…..

five minutes before they were both working at the foot of the wall. It took seconds to fall and collapsed completely bringing down tons of stone had they not been drinking coffee they would not have survived.



on est un mur qui couche au boulot heuresment je sui pas la mais les gars travaillaient au pied de mur cinq minute avant il prendre un cafe avec le proprietaire et elle tombe en seconds  cest chaud des tonnes de cayou si il est toujours la ils sont mort maintenant.

donc il faut ons trie le pierre trop cool meme les gars en prison travail pas copmme sa jai l’impression cest 1865 et je fait le routes qui traverse etas uni peut etre cetait un vie passe…

ons n’avez pas un brouette non plus……

So we get to sort rocks for two days without a wheel barrow

But hang on modern technology strikes again


but there really isnt much left of this lovely french house





stephan and loic prepared the ground putting in the water drainage, damp proof membrane, insulation and metal reinforcement……. so i got an easy day we were expecting to barrow the concrete around but the nice man in the cement mixer had a big pipe took about half an hour to pour and cost cheaper than if we had done it ourselves with sand gravel and a cement mixer ……

 the photos make it look easy but there is a week of hard graft behind the actual pouring aswell as a days work for a man with a digging machine on top of the time we put in demolishing the front wall and stacking and arranging all the stone so we are looking at a fair bit of hard work before this day at least now we have a solid base to work from and again its good to learn from an experienced macon how to do a job properly……


les deux macon ont ete bien occupe pour arrive a cette point je fait quelque jours avec eu mais je suis ailleur aussi donc cest pas moi qui tap le travaux dur mais japprendre comment faire aussi ….. mais maintenant tous les services de vidange sont en place et on est pret a re-constuire les mur. je veux bien travail ici un peu sa peu etre assez interesant si je peu suffrir le regime des macons

well this job is getting finished slowly weve been here nearly a year and getting close to final fittings the leccy and the plaquist are nearly finished the shutters were done by mick and i got the boring job of varnishing


ive spent some time on the placo aswell which i find more interesting and ive learnt some usefull trix of the trade from the plaquiste


on fait beaucoup des heures ici mais je commence apprendre des chose utile de plusiers trucs mais je veux bien avoir les meme heures chez moi je ma depasse le trois mille metres en courant aujoudhui donc sa cest bon mais le truc qui est chiant avec sa….. maintenant il faut je sible 4000 metres……. putain……..

Je fait un journey avec des macons qui change apres trop temp sur le chantier a mayenne …..

thats good ….. managed a 3000 metre run this morning with very little back pain so im convinced running in the evening is much more difficult after a days work. I shall try and concentrate on distance and stamina only during morning sessions which means weekends only apart from holiday times. Came home and did a starsky shake

 juice from 3 oranges, a handfull of grapes, a banana, 2 egg whites, juice from half a lime, large spoon of honey, and some marinated ginger…..


I dont know whether im imagining it or not but i seem to remember from my childhood with every program of “starsky and hutch” there was a scene with our intrepid hereos sampling a strange concocotion that was meant to bring everlasting good health …….. so one of my recent obsessions is my food mixer


juice of 3 oranges, 2 kiwi’s, 1 banana, peach yoghurt, 3 egg whites, a large spoon of blackcurrent jam and a splash of milk…………….wwwwwwwwwwwhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr and voila a fruity milky thingy loads of vitamins and proteins

and the cats get the egg yolks in fact squealer has also joined my keep fit regime and is a a keen fan of the exercise bike


ma recette de shakes je pense tu va comprendre meme le chat commence le regime de sante il commence doucement avec le velo mais il va venir le gym avec moi semain prochain….. putain jarrive le bar ce soir et un damme arrive et elle parle avec sa pote “… m’entrain pour le marathon a Saint Brice blah deblah 42 km a courir je suis pret a partir chez moi toute suite sa ma creve a fait 2 km putain il faut je entrain pas mal alor …………….

so after all our cats we are down to just three “little grey cat” whose getting fat. “Squealer” whose growing up since his hand feeding days and spud who has only just come in so i didnt get a photo


quelque photos des chats